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Meet Sara

Sara Aukerman serves as Compliance Officer for PSW, NW Momentum Health Partners ACO and MultiCare Connected Care. She is responsible for leading internal processes for ensuring compliance with federal and state regulatory requirements, prevention, identification, and remediation of compliance concerns (including fraud, waste, and abuse), direction of HIPAA privacy and security regulations and policies and contract development and execution. She is also responsible for creating and implementing policies and procedures, while ensuring they are communicated and trained upon across the organization. 

Over her 14 years with PSW, Sara has had the opportunity of working in multiple departments and business lines, leveraging her extensive experience to provide compliance oversight for the varying lines of business as PSW grows.  

Sara designed and implemented the PSW Compliance Program and the NW Momentum Health Partners ACO Compliance Program, both of which consistently receive high performance reviews from PSW’s delegating health plans and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Additionally, she manages and oversees the MultiCare Connected Care Compliance Program, working directly with CMS under the Medicare Shared Savings Program.