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Meet Melanie

Melanie is an esteemed healthcare executive with a distinguished career spanning over 27 years. As CEO of PSW and President of MultiCare Connected Care (MCC), she has led transformative initiatives in value-based care and diversified PSW’s business lines to include various advisory and management services such as credentialing, compliance, and implementation of CMS innovative payment models.

Prior to her current roles, Melanie held executive positions in Post-Acute Care, Home Health, and Hospice organizations, where she oversaw regulatory compliance for skilled nursing facilities and home health agencies. Her extensive experience encompasses healthcare operations and population health strategies.

In addition to her corporate achievements, Melanie is actively engaged in political advocacy. She serves as the Chair-Elect for NAACOS and occupies leadership roles in various industry boards and committees, notably Accountable for Health, America’s Physician Group, and the Health Care Transformation Task Force. Recognized as a "National Political Ambassador" by the American Health Care Association, Melanie's political astuteness and healthcare expertise render her a pivotal figure in shaping healthcare policy.

Melanie's academic background includes an MS in social gerontology and a bachelor’s degree in human development and family studies. Her combination of experience, leadership, and political acumen positions Melanie as an authoritative voice, poised to make significant contributions to the healthcare landscape.